Friday, June 18, 2010


About a year ago I signed up for a pretty cool experiment, Designyc.
Designyc is an organization that was started to link up non-profits with professional designers in order to better get their message across and serve the communities of New York. I worked with a group called the Bed-Stuy Farm Share on a brochure that will be handed out in my old stomping ground, the Bed-Stuy/East New York area, in order to help people make better decisions about the food choices in the area (or lack thereof). I recently attended the opening of an exhibition at the Pratt Gallery for all of the projects from the pilot year of Designyc. Here are a few pics from the festivities as well as some video and a sample of the brochure (yet to be printed, looking for some funding) And if you're a designer and happen to be reading this blog for some strange reason, sign up! Help your communty!